Investing in Real Estate Cobourg

Anytime you try something new, there are going to be a ton of things you don’t know. And you won’t know what might bite you in the butt until you feel the teeth going in. It is a smart investor that learns from someone else’s mistakes. Whether you are investing in Reals Estate in Cobourg or in Kathmandu, certain principles will hold true.

That is why I am happy to recommend the following books. The surest way to success is to find someone else who is successful and model their behaviour. Investing in real estate is no different. I encourage you to browse this list and look the titles up on to see if you can find one or two that resonate with you. There are many different approaches to real estate investing. You need to find one that suits your situation and your temperament. I can’t help you there, but you can certainly help yourself.

1.  2 Years to a Million in Real Estate by Matthew Martinez

2.The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing by Spencer Strauss

3.  Every Landlord’s Tax Deduction Guide by Stephen Fishman J.D.

4.My Life & 1000 Houses by Mitch Stephen 

5. Real Estate Investing For Dummies by Eric Tyson and Robert S. Griswold

6. Real Estate: The Sustainable Investment by Glen Sweeney

7. The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life. Paperback by Robert T. Kiyosaki

8. Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System by Don R. Campbell

9. Building Wealth One House at a Time by John Schaub

10.  From Renos to Riches: The Canadian Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Practical and Profitable Renovations by Ian Szabo